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Teaching Games By Design: Understanding Knowledge (Part 1/3)

Howdy, everyone, I’m K, the head honcho over at Loreshaper Games. In addition to making my own games, I also do freelancing within the industry and have a background in education. I was also a game reviewer for DriveThruRPG for a while, so I’ve seen more games than I can shake a stick at.  Today…
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Boredom, inverted.

Hi, I’m InvertedVertex, one of the writers for the TDA blog. I’m a hobbyist game designer, and I’ve been actively working on games for about 3-4 years now. I like making games that are simple to learn and setup, while keeping them highly interactive and engaging. On here, I would write 2 types of posts:…
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Welcome to the TDA blog

What is the Tabletop Designers Association? Currently in the process of being established, the Tabletop Designers Association is a non-profit organisation found with the single purpose of bringing together and supporting designers of tabletop games*. This support, much like Chandler’s time in the box, is threefold: With the help of sponsors and donations, we will…
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