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Sidequest: What I done did

Sidequest #3, eh? I don’t have much of an intro for this one honestly, but I’ll make up for it by some next-level rambling, cause boy do we have a topic fit for that: MY PROJECTS! See, while completely shitting on other people’s work is considered rude, apparently completely shitting on your own work is…
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Sidequest: Harsh Truths

Howdy! Welcome to another Sidequest, where we have another topic, but the same kind of semi-coherent ranting, raving, and rambling, courtesy of yours truly. So, I wrote this article thing regarding beginner mistakes, but the original idea was to write about the harsh truths of game design. Y’know, the shit no one tells noobs because…
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Sidequest: Terrible Templating

Welcome to Sidequest, a sporadic column thing that will pop up when there are things that I want to “discuss” (read: rant about), but don’t deserve an entire fully-fledged article. Expect semi-coherent ramblings, a reasonable amount of F-bombs, and just whatever came to mind at the time of writing. Today’s topic is one that is…
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